Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development is the Process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through access to education and training opportunities in the workplace, through external organizations, or through watching others perform the job.
There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance.
Professional development helps build and maintain morale of staff members, and is thought to attract higher quality staff to an organization. Also called staff development.
We provide our clients with Training in select professional courses covering the most important management areas such as Finance and Project Management.
We are vastly experienced in conducting efficient training with excellent subject-matter experts as facilitators


Projects in Controlled Environments, is a widely used project management method, teaching the essentials for running a successful project. Since its introduction in 1989 as a government standard for IT project management, PRINCE2 has been taken on by both the public and private sectors.


A certain amount of risk taking is inevitable if your organisation is to achieve its objectives. Effective management of risk improves performance, it is critical to organisational success. Informed risk-taking aids performance with innovative approaches for managing the business, service delivery and value for money.


This course deals with the effects and management of change and, more importantly, the impact change can have on organisations. Working with Esther Cameron and Mike Green and building on the concepts in their book “Making Sense of Change Management” we have developed a training course to help organisations embrace change.


IT Service Management (ITSM) is a discipline for managing information technology (IT) systems, philosophically centered on the customer’s perspective of IT’s contribution to the business. ITSM stands in deliberate contrast to technology-centered approaches to IT management and business interaction.


PMP an acronym for Project Management Professional, is a globally accepted Project Management certification using PMI’s methodology to deliver project’s objectives. The PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.


This new qualification is designed to provide both employers and employees with independent verification of the financial knowledge of managers who do not directly work within a finance role. It equips participants with a good knowledge of the key concepts of prudent financial management – such as modern financial accounting.



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