Managing Successful Programmes

MSP offers best-practice guidance to all organizations – large or small, public or private sector – to help them achieve successful outcomes from programme management, time and time again.
MSP has been developed to help achieve excellence by improving practices, offering better services and preparing more effectively for the future.
Its approach brings numerous benefits. Users find out how to:
  • Plan effectively
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Respond to internal and external change
  • Define responsibilities and clear lines of communication
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Analyse risk
  • Audit and manage quality
MSP creates a structured framework that acknowledges that every programme is unique but at the same time must be universally applicable, deliver quality outcomes and lasting benefits.
It is built on three, robust principles:
  • It is universal – valid for every programme
  • It is self-validating – has a proven track record
  • It is empowering – users learn how to transform their organizations
By creating a framework that encourages organizations to focus on outcomes and anticipate issues in advance, MSP offers a framework that is proven to work even for the most challenging, multiple programmes.
Because MSP has far-reaching organizational implications, it will involve a wide range of people, for example:
  • Policy and strategy developers who are initiating change to ensure the policy or strategy has a feasible delivery route
  • Members of the executive management board responsible for commissioning programmes
  • Business managers responsible for the realization of the benefits identified within a programme
  • People involved in the direction, steering or management of projects that are part of a programme
  • Review team leaders and members involved in assessing programmes
  • People who are members of project teams whose projects are to be implemented within a programme
  • Management consultancies and service providers working within a programme


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