Management of Portfolio

Getting the best return from the total investment in change programmes and projects has always been a challenge. Ensuring successful delivery and realizing the full benefits in terms of efficiency savings and contribution to strategic objectives is of key relevance across all sectors. It is here that Management of Portfolios plays a critical role. Developed following extensive public consultation and published after vigorous review, the guidance gives organizations of all types the tools and techniques needed to identify and prioritize their overall investment and focus their resources on the right change programmes and projects.

Investment in the right, correctly implemented change initiatives is enabled by MoP as it ensures that:
  • The programmes and projects undertaken are prioritized in terms of their contribution to strategic objectives and overall level of risk
  • Programmes and projects are managed consistently to ensure efficient and effective delivery
  • Benefits realization is maximised to provide the greatest return (in terms of strategic contribution and efficiency savings) from the investment made.


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Professional Development, Essential to The Modern Workplace.

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