Executive Development

Executive Development

Executive development is the whole of activities aimed at developing the skills and competencies of those that (will) have executive positions in organisations. While “executive” and “manager” and “leader” are often used interchangeably, “executive” is commonly used to signify the top 5% to 10% of the organization.
Some benefits of Executive Development are:
  • Achieve business and personal goals
  • Aware of behaviors that served the past but are not serving in the present
  • Awareness of the impact of choices personally and professionally
  • Conscious presence with your self and therefore with others in ways that increase effectiveness as a leader, communicator, human being
  • Confidence in all of life
  • Enhanced understanding of business decision-making process
  • Demonstrating greater composure in difficult situations

Management of Value

The pursuit of obtaining real value for money poses major problems for organizations that need to meet increasing demands to reduce financial resources. The first problem is that assessment of value is subjective and dependent on the needs of the consumer. This problem is not new and maximizing value is rarely done successfully. Management of Value proposes a definition of value that embraces both monetary and non-monetary benefits, and argues that the subjectivity of value increases the need for it to be actively managed. It provides a method, supported by techniques for allocating scarce funds as effectively as possible.

Managing Successful Projects

MSP offers best-practice guidance to all organizations – large or small, public or private sector – to help them achieve successful outcomes from programme management, time and time again.
MSP has been developed to help achieve excellence by offering better services and preparing more effectively for the future. MSP creates a structured framework that acknowledges that every programme is unique but at the same time must be universally applicable, deliver quality outcomes.
By creating a framework that encourages organizations to focus on outcomes and anticipate issues in advance.

Management of Portfolio

Getting the best return from the total investment in change programmes and projects has always been a challenge. Ensuring successful delivery and realizing the full benefits in terms of efficiency savings and contribution to strategic objectives is of key relevance across all sectors. It is here that Management of Portfolios plays a critical role. Developed following extensive public consultation and published after vigorous review, the guidance gives organizations of all types the tools and techniques needed to identify and prioritize their overall investment and focus their resources on the right change programmes and projects.


LBR Executive Development Spotlight

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