At Longhall Consulting we focus mainly on adding value to our clients through developing new strategies, re-engineering business processes, human capital developments and managing change across all boundaries of the organization. We introduce change in the form of projects to manage our clients’ most critical issue and transform it into business operations to attain their corporate objectives. Our services also include a holistic view of the organization, building their functional skills and boosting their overall organisational performance.

We specialize in the following industries.



We recognize and understand the significance of Nigeria’s Manufacturing sector. For this sector there is the need for an extensive technological development of the production system of our economy.
We are determined to provide a  blend of sustained application of suitable cutting edge technology combined with best management practices and techniques to move organizations to a more automated and efficient system of manufacturing.
We arm our clients with required business intelligence to adapt to technological changes, changing and emerging markets.
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Financial Services

We are well equipped and dedicated to servicing Nigeria’s Financial institutions from Banks to Insurance Brokers. At Longhall Consulting we help to utilize business models to overcome limitations and challenges.
We utilize our experience in a host of industries to help financial institutions across the country develop innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, align IT, manage risks, capture the economic benefits of building loyal customers, and plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes.
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Oil & Gas

We work hand in hand with oil & gas firms across multiple sub-sectors like; Conventional and unconventional oil and gas. exploration and production, Midstream, Refining and marketing, Oil field service, Equipment manufacturing.
We deal with the markets challenges like cost and productivity, supply chain, operating models and more recently incessant price fluctuations.
We design and implement solutions that produce enduring results for our clients.
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Public Sector

 At Longhall Consulting we believe that the public sector is very important and essential to the development of the nation as a whole.
We work with bold, ambitious leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and are eager for change to realize their economic and social goals.
We invent new ways to counter the public sectors biggest challenges in areas ranging from Education to Economic Development to Sustainability. We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure success is achieved.
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Information Technology

We understand that in today’s fast paced world of I.T it is necessary to have long term vision, scalbility and adaptability.
We work with clients in the Computer hardware and software and Allied Services industry to improve sales, improve Research and Development Processess and maximize competitive advantage, amongst other services.
We develop strategic plans to tackle the industries challenges.
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Social Sector

At Longhall Consulting we believe in the Social sector and Social enteprises as drivers of socio-economic development
We work with clients in the social sector to mitigate some of the sectors biggest challenges like:
Communication, by providing clients with the tools necessary to provide donors adequate and interpretable information on how their funds are being utilized and also helping to reach out to prospective clients, making them aware that such institutiobns even exist.
We develop strategies in line with our clients peculiarities and we see it through.
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